It’s your first day on the new job. You walk into the office, everyone is looking at you, you’re nervous. Your palms become sweaty and you are struggling to be on your feet, wondering what they think about you. You walk across the room to your desk, miss a step and everyone starts to laugh. They probably have been working together for a while now and you’re the newbie. Automatically, you feel embarrassed and you are wondering how you are going to fit into the already built team. This can be bad, both for you and for the company as not having a good relationship with your teammates can lead to low productivity and this affects the general output of the company.

At Tronweb, we have developed a work culture that brings everyone together and we call it TGIF CHILLSTGIF CHILLS is a weekly meeting that is held every Friday by 4:00 pm.

The last TGIF CHILLS meeting was both funny and emotional. Teammates shared their values and challenges, games were played, refreshment was served, questions were asked and answered and this led to a series of emotional speeches as teammates thanked one another for their care and support.

This simple, yet effective exercise has brought the entire team even closer and the result? The company is at its best.

We look forward to the next TGIF CHILLS.


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