Our First Photoshot Experience At Tronweb

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“Photos are becoming the ‘universal language’” — Jeff Bullas

“Picture is worth more than a thousand words”, they say. And here at  Tronweb, we understand the power of imagery and how it influences the average individual and our collective brand. This school of thought influenced our decision to organize our very first photo-shoot session as a Company on the 2nd November 2018.

A week prior to the official photo-shoot session, all team members were urged to put on the official Tronweb T-shirt for the session in order for us to ooze our sense of uniformity and shine our collective brand for the world to see us as we flag the colors of Tronweb.This proved to be a very beautiful decision as we all looked like beautiful birds of the same mother ready to fly and weave beautiful harmonious lines.

Fast-Forward to the Morning of the photo-shoot, At exactly 9am our photography crew for the day arrived , with their camera and lighting equipment, setting up the stage, while we agreed on the flow and succession the photo-shoot will take.

Each team member of Tronweb, all giving helpful insights and suggestions of how the photo-shoot should take. By 11am local the Photo session had officially commenced with each individual taking multiple single shots of themselves. This included portraits, head shots, and full length photos. This photo session brought lots of laughter, oneness, it just had a way of evoking that subconscious team spirit and ultimately we got the job done to the delight of each and every one of us.

We then proceeded to take collective shots of the entire team, each member all taking poses around one another. This shoot was probably the most important of all because it represents the whole idea of the photo session in particular, which is use imagery and visual shots to portray our brand to the world and it has been proven that visuals are processed 60,000 times faster than text by the average customer. In addition, the preceding sessions involves taking natural shots of us working with our laptops, taking pictures of some our developers writing on our white board as we were designing wire frames and UI/UX flow of a brand.

Thankfully, our photographers were able to capture some amazing, natural shots of different team members performing various roles that are usual recurring scenes in our daily lives here at Tronweb. Rounding up our photo session after a couple of hours of constant shots and creative ideas, the entire Tronweb team proceeded outdoors of our office environment to take over head shots of all of us from an aerial view.We were still able to capture some more stunning shots which can be seen below. In Conclusion, we rounded up the day feeling so overwhelmingly satisfied, exhausted and happy with the results of the day’s work. We know few brands have mastered the art of using photography in their marketing creatives to increase user engagement or even brand recall/loyalty. So therefore, we had a collection of all our day’s images in a single document all ready to be unleashed to the digital space.

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