Have you ever wondered how customer service reps differ from sales reps? Perhaps you might have confused one for the other. This is a common error but the truth is, while there might be similarities between the two terms, there’s also a ton of difference between them. But firstly, let’s start out by properly defining both terms.

PART1: Customer Service Reps

Customer service reps are employed by companies/businesses that sell products or offer services. They answer questions about the product, resolve issues with orders or accounts and handle complaints.

3 Broad Customer Service ideas:

  1. Account or order assistance: If a customer would like to place an order or wants detailed information about the company’s products, the customer service representative should be contacted.
  2. Policy information: A customer service representative conveys company policies and procedures to customers. A good customer service representative must understand how to communicate the information to customers in an easily understandable language.
  3. Complaint resolution: Customer service reps also offer solutions/ advice to customers in case of missing orders or faults in the product. If they can’t resolve an issue to the customers satisfaction, they may need to refer customers to supervisor or manager.

A good customer service representative knows how to pacify customers while making them feel that their complaints are taken seriously.

Customer service representatives from Jeff Bezos’s Quote

Jeff Bezos’s Quotes

  1. Bring new customers from market? No
  2. Bring indirect customers? Yes
  3. Do they have sales target? No
  4. Do they have a happy customer target? Yes
  5. Before purchase interaction with customer? No
  6. After purchase queries/ problem resolving with customers? Yes

PART2: Sales Representatives

A sales representative is a professional whose role within a company is to sell their products or services that they provide.

A Sales Representative job description might include:

  1. Selling: Selling company products and services in order to increase profit, managing client relationship, overseeing online transactions and sales, tracking volumes, numbers, and margins by reviewing sales reports.
  2. Customer Transactions: Providing customers with an expected budget, payments, and delivery estimates.
  3. Market Trends: Keeping up to date on current market trends and the field of their products by reading publications and attending conferences/ seminars.  Monitoring market fluctuations, tendencies and trends as well as following competitors activities.

Sales Representatives from Steve Job’s Quote

Steve Jobs’s Quote

  1. Bring new customers from market? Yes
  2. Bring indirect customers? Yes
  3. Do they have sales target? Yes
  4. Do they have happy customer target? Not exactly
  5. After purchase queries / problem resolving with customers? Yes / No


As we see, some activities are different in both while some are similar. If you look at the quotes in my answers, both are about knowing your customer better and knowing what they need. Customer service and sales are part of each other. One cannot successfully function without the other. If there is no sale, there will be no service and if there’s no service, customers will have nothing to buy.

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