Tuesday, July 2 was an awseome day here at Tronweb because it marked the day a leader was born.

Our CEO, Godswill Okoyomon had absolutely no idea that a surprise party was waiting for him in the office so you can imagine how elated he felt when he walked in to the office and saw cakes, drinks, family and friends all screaming ‘Happy Birthday!’

Godswill Okoyomon is an enthusiast of excellence. He has built and inspired a team of unique men and women who all poured out their hearts in appreciation for his positive impact in their lives. The ‘Head Honcho’ as he is fondly called in the office in turn encouraged everyone to keep up the good work.

Cakes were cut, drinks were shared and speeches were given. As you can see, we all had an amazing time and we look forward to bigger things to come!

Cheers to many more years boss!

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