Corporate Responsibility Initiative for 2021

At Tronweb, One of our Mission is to Move the World Forward in our Way, And we do this through our Support for the Tech Ecosystem, For Small Businesses, Education Programs and other Socially Forward Initiative through our platform. 

Using Our Platform and Growth to Support our Communities and Ecosystem is a Top Mission for Us.

Job Creation and Empowerment

Economic inequality is on the rise across communities, driven by shifts in technology, the environment and socioeconomic factors. Tronweb is on a mission to do our part and close this gap by bringing jobs, preparing individuals for careers, and supporting entrepreneurs to spark economic prosperity.

Business Hub to Support the Ecosystem

As a Tech Company that started from nothing (100% Bootstrapped), We Understand that there are many Aspiring Business Owners and Entrepreneurs and we understand the Barriers they face. So that’s why with Our HUB, We are building a 100% Managed Tech Hub where anyone can kickstart their business with us. 

Our Hub Offers, Working Furniture, Internet, Electricity and professional Support and Mentorship.

Education Programs

Through our Tronweb Education programs we help develop the next generation of students with the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in the digital and tech space.  Through our tools, methods and partnerships, we hope to increase the number of youth and adults who have relevant skills, including technical and vocational skills, for employment, decent jobs and entrepreneurship.

Responding to an Unprecedented Crisis

2020 brought into sharp focus the need for support.  The customers and communities we serve faced extraordinary challenges from a global pandemic, economic and social issues. And so did our team members.

Tronweb Initiative For Small Business during Covid-19

To Support Old Businesses and to Make it easier for New Businesses to succeed Online during these times, We are proud to do our part and create our Covid-19 Business Initiative…

With this Initiative we are giving access to Eligible Small Businesses to our Entire Suite of Business Software to Find New Ways to Boost and grow their Business.

For Our Employees

We are creating a new Holistic Employee Package that extends to their Well-Being and their Immediate Families. This Includes New Healthcare, Vacation and Insurance Programs.

We also launched a company-wide, work-from-home order in March of 2020 to cushion the effects of Covid-19. We quickly Implemented NEW Remote Technologies and led virtual teams. We provided resources to help employees stay physically and emotionally healthy.

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