A Its a Fast World and People’s Attention Time is limited, So Now more than Ever you need to find ways to quickly engage and hold your Visitors or they will leave your website and simply Move on…

On a later Post we will Talk more about Ways to make your Websites more Engaging but Today Lets talk about what you can do to make your Website Visitors Happy…

We Love a visually appealing website, I would say its a very Important Part, But the Reality is: it isn’t enough to gain customers or convert Visitors into Paying Customers. Even an easy-to-navigate site can fall short at turning visitors into customers.

The key: Engagements

This helps boost their interest in your products and services, and boost conversion rates.

Here are five ways to increase website engagement:

1. Keep the message concise

Remember the KISS principle — Keep it Simple, Stupid. Make Bold Headlines to display Key Points and Your Product/Services Features… You don’t need to educate customers on every aspect of your products, services and company on frequently hit pages. You can place links and buttons to further explain on those key Points….

You only have a few seconds to engage your website Visitors. Do it with one concise message. Use a large font size (somewhere between 16 and 24) for your one-line, important statement. Then reiterate that message — in smaller form — on your other pages.

Make sure it’s easy to read the copy and use links on mobile devices, too.

2. Call visitors to action

Tell your Visitors what you want them to do clearly…. Use Useful elements to help them navigate towards to your Goal and to Capture their Interest…
This isn’t an invitation to buy. Instead, it’s an offer of something valuable.

For instance, “View our work,” “See Our New Stories,” “Make an appointment,” or “See what customers like you have to say about us.” Skip the generic call-to-actions that add no value such as, “Learn more” and “Click here.”

3. Keep it fresh

Try to always create New Contents and Create Fresh Experience on your Website…
Most visitors don’t become customers on the first visit. It takes several visits before they’ll buy, researchers found. So you need to give them a reason to want to come back again. Fresh content is the answer.

Keep it fresh with daily updates. Get everyone in the organization to contribute so you have enough content. You can include news and trends pertinent to your industry and customers. Add some fun stuff too — appropriate photos from the company picnic or workplace antics. Also, invite current customers to add to the content. Let them tell stories of how they use your product or how a service has impacted their business or lives.

Promise new, valuable content, and deliver it. Visitors will come back until they buy.

4. Put them on the right page

Not every visitor belongs on your homepage. Sure, that gives them an overview of who you are and what you do. But to engage some visitors, you need to get them right to what they want to see.

Where they land depends on how you’re pulling them into your website. Whether you use pay-per-click campaigns, advertisements, social media or focus on search engine optimization (SEO), you want the people you focus on to get to the page that will engage them most.

For instance, if you distribute vehicle parts, and have an ad geared toward SUV drivers, you want them land on an SUV-specific product page — not your home page that streams parts for motorcycles, tractor trailers, sedans and SUVs.

5. Analyse and Measure

If you are serious about your Business, then Statistics is crucial…
Like anything in business, you want to measure website traffic and performance to make sure your efforts are — and will be — correctly focused. This will not only see your business in details but also help you create better experience for your visitors… You can install a tool such as Google Analytics at little or no cost and measure traffic and see what visitors are doing — like learning the pages where visitors linger the most or drop off the most. Then you can optimize.


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