Searching for a new job isn’t always an easy process. It has the potential to become stressful, time consuming and frustrating.

Because the talent market is so tough to navigate these days, it is more important than ever for job seekers to put their best foot forward every time they apply for a job. if you are going to invest the time and energy to pursue a job at all, it is in your best interest to do it right.

Here are 5 mistakes that 90% or more of job seekers make (and how to fix them)

1. Starting a job search without knowing your value.

Most job seekers begin job hunting without knowing their value to the employer. They don’t realize how many job they are qualified for. (Fix: it is important to take the time to match your qualifications to the job description. Use tools like Payscale and Salary to determine what your skill can command in the talent market place).

2. Failure to research employers before interviews.

You can’t just walk into a job interview knowing nothing more about an organization than what you read in a job ad. (Fix: get on the company/employer’s website and learn about them, their products and services. Read their press release and leader’s bios).

3. Too much information in your cover letter

The hiring manager doesn’t need to read about the personal reasons you want this job or why it would be great for you. Your family circumstances should remain private. (Fix: keep your cover letter concise and focused on why you are the right fit for the job).

4. Dressing inappropriately for a job interview

Dressing inappropriately for a job interview works both ways. Being overdressed can hurt you almost as much as looking like a slob would. (Fix: it is important to research the company and workplace so you fit in with the employees that you would be working with if you are hired. What you are wearing is the first thing the hiring manager will notice so be sure to make the best impression).

5. Taking the first job offer you get

Most job seekers take the first job offer they get, no matter how disappointing it is and then they don’t job hunt until that job goes away. (Fix: sometimes, the first offer you get is a great offer but more often, that’s not the case – because the easier it is to get a particular job, the worse that job tends to be. It is hard to turn down an offer when you don’t have an income but it is much worse to take the job and hate it).

Good luck guys!

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